No Hassle St. Patrick’s Day Entertaining


Who needs the luck of the Irish when you can entertain with super easy shortcuts…as in, grab some ready-made frosting and decorate cookies you buy at your grocery store bakery?  It’s the QT you’ll have with the kiddos when you decorate them that matters, after all!


Pass the green beer, y’all and grab a cupcake!  If you don’t have time to bake, don’t sweat it.  Grab some store bought cupcakes and hit the dollar store for St. Patrick’s Day decorations– they make ordinary cupcakes pack some major “Wow Factor” when they’re served to your guests.  Plus, the kids will love them.


I found this recipe from the Yummy Life for making green popcorn that was by far the easiest…I initially tried making it the old fashioned way on the stove top and burned it all!  Green, burned popcorn– NOT awesome.  But, the microwave is the way to go– and it comes out like gourmet kettle corn!  Definitely a hit!

Here’s my segment where I shared these tips on The Dee Armstrong Show…


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