A Wine Garden and New Stuff for my Dude

Yellow Tail Big Bold Red

Yellow Tail Big Bold Red goes well with Big Bold Veggies

I’ve been wanting a garden for years, and this spring, JP and I finally got it together and planted one!  While he built and painted the “garden box” and I picked up the plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, squash, icebox watermelon and basil) and poured us a glass of wine.  JP is usually a Rum Guy, but I turned him on to Yellow Tail Big Bold Red and we’re both hooked!  It’s really smooth and perfect my bald, er BOLD man!  It’s also got lots of decadent flavor and is the perfect glass to pour for an evening together with friends.  We sipped while planting and grilling!  Added bonus, it’s under 10 bucks– retailing at $7.99.  Score!

Yellow Tail

Sipping Yellow Tail Big Bold Red while Gettin’ his Grill On

Speaking of Big Bold Red…

Remington Trimmer Review

Big Bold Red!

Beards went viral last week with this rather, uh, DIRTY study that turned out to be a joke….So, naturally, I gave JP a hard time about the cleanliness of his facial hair!  He’s an artist and rocks out a black and red beard that is pretty darn cool.  He’s never been clean shaven since we met 7 years ago, but he regularly uses a trimmer.  When I asked him what’s important in a shaver, he said, “Power and Comfortability.”  So, he put Remington’s 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer to the test.


Remington’s New 4-in-1 Vacuum Shaver

My man wanted power?  No problem!  The Remington Lithium Power Series 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer not only ensures a mess-free grooming experience, meaning, I’m not cleaning up little red and black hairs all over the sink! To put it in technical terms, “The high velocity fan blade vacuuming system works to create maximum power and suction.”  This trimmer enables you to trim, detail, or shave any unwanted hair. Plus, Remington’s lithium battery offers up to 60 minutes of cordless use.  The price point is $129, which is a great investment for this kind of quality shave.  In fact, it’s so cool that I’m stealing it for myself!

Remington 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer

Don’t tell my man I’m stealing his Remington!

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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