Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: My Fave Sips and Sweets

unnamed-7Anytime a holiday calls for chocolate and champagne, I’m all in!  Flowers?? Nice, but are the edible?  Probably not.  Pop open the bubbly and pass the truffles, y’all!

I partnered with some really phenomenal companies for my segment on Valentine’s Day Eats and Treats…Just call me Lady Godiva and we’ll get started.

Godiva got inside the heads of men this year and discovered with some consumer research that most dudes don’t even think about Valentine’s Day until AFTER the Super Bowl.  So, they launched a campaign called Game Over, Game On.  Game’s Over, so get YOUR GAME ON, GUYS!  Godiva is making sure you don’t fumble with a scrumptious assortment of their limited edition chocolates inside the 29 piece Valentine’s Day Keepsake Chocolate Heart.  Look how gorg the packaging is…


It retails for $75.  I can just see that box going on my dresser and keeping my diamonds inside…Oh wait, that’s when I GET some diamonds from my man.  I digress!

To ensure that men get it right this Valentine’s Day, check out the 36 Piece Valentine’s Day Gold Ballotin ($50) – which features a signature assortment of classic GODIVA Belgian chocolates, presented in the iconic gold box, and tied with a red rose ribbon.  These stunning gifts are the easy way to score big points this Valentine’s Day!  For more great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, visit:

unnamed-5 The most romantic champagne you can pour for your love this Valentine’s Day is the Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier.  Most people assume that Rosé wine is super sweet, but this is 100% Pinot Noir, so it’s crisp and dry.  It’s also created with the skin maceration technique, which means it’s not a blend of white and red wines…It was always meant to be a Rosé!unnamed-6

What I love about this show-stopper champagne is how versatile it is in terms of pairing.  For appetizers, try pairing it with prosciutto and a creamy Brie.  If you’re serving it with dinner, it goes beautifully with lobster or rack of lamb.  And for dessert, serving it with red berries really brings out that fruity flavor that makes you feel like you’ve plunged into a basket of berries and bubbly!  LOVE!

Even the bottle is gorg.  It’s designed after the era of Henry IV and is aged in cellars for 4 years.  It just FEELS fancy when you pop the cork and indulge in a sparkly sip!  Atlanta & Co. anchor Christine Pullara and I were just getting ready to start talking about the Cuvée Rosé when we heard a “POP!”  Sure enough, the bottle had uncorked itself while sitting in ice– the timing was so perfect, we had a couple people on set ask us if we’d planned it, LOL


In the Atlanta area, the Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier is available for a suggested retail price of $75 in the following stores:

  • Hinton’s Wine store
  • Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits on Piedmont Road
  • Total Wine & More, 3 locations: Atlanta, Alpharetta and Kennesaw
  • Canoe’s Cellar Door

Next up, the internationally famous Henri’s Bakery.  Just take a look at the spread!unnamed-3

This iconic bakery was launched by Henri in 1929 and now 3 generations later, his family is still making his recipes from scratch.  You can literally taste the L.O.V.E. factor baked right into every sweet confection.  Henri even baked for the Roosevelts and the Kennedys.  He was kinduva big deal in every way!  Try the timeless recipes and you’ll know why!  Some of their Valentine’s Day specials include:

Small decorated heart cake (can be personalized with a romantic message) $5.99

 9” Double Layer Heart Cake $29.99


 Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake $20.99

 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $1.89 pc / $21.99 dozen

 Decorated Cupcakes $1.89 and up


 Valentine’s Day Petit Fours $1.99 pc / $21.00 dozen

My all-time fave,  is this Cheetah cake– it says, “Don’t Cheetah on Me!  Be my Love!”


You can visit both of their stores for walk-ins and special order any of these delish Valentine’s Day treats!

Buckhead Store

Hours: 7 a.m. -6 p.m.  (Closed Sundays)

Phone: 404.237.0202

Fax: 404.261.9162


Sandy Springs Store

Hours: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. (Closed Sundays)

Phone: 404.256.7934


Enjoy the sweets and sips, lovelies!  And don’t be afraid to tell someone how much you LOVE them…xxoo

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